Ewa Lefmann

Ewa Lefmann Leszczynska

Multi-disciplinary designer based in London. Interested in the creation of work that is playful, sometimes with an element of dark humour. Enjoys exploring the idea of medium as the message, as well as elements of culture such as food and religion.

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Graphic Design

Branding and identity for UAL's Creative Enterprise week - a series of lectures designed to equip students with skills to start their own business or freelance. The idea for this identity was to show there can be clarity in the chaos.

Creative Enterprise Week 2015

Egg and Avocado series commissioned by Bounty at Octopus. Work in progress - due for release in 2017. Each book features recipes that use the featured ingredient.

Egg & Avocado

WIP: 2-colour riso zine centred around the quarter-life crisis, featuring a selection of articles and illustrations from young adults about navigating life in your twenties. The simplistic design aims to service the wide range of tone in the writing,
whilst maintaining a playful element for added reassurance.


Carnival identity for a Steel Band based in North London. The theme has been designed to reflect the energy of the band and the carnival. Also designed accompanying t-shirts for the players and fan merchandise.

Pan Nation Identity

A selection of children's book jacket designs created whilst freelancing at Bounty, Octopus Books.

Octopus Cover Designs

A collaborative publication with Sanaz Movahedi. Taking a new stance on the death penalty in America, this book contains recipes adapted from a handful of inmates’ last meals. Information about the inmates are woven throughout the recipes, as well as information about Death Row culture. 'The Death Row Cookbook' encourages readers to discuss the notion of Death Row, whilst questioning the American Justice system.

The Death Row Cookbook

In collaboration with Sanaz Movahedi, this is a proposal for the 2015 Gap Freshers' week campaign. Our core concept is ‘Start Clean’ - something that every student feels the need to do when starting a new academic year.

YCN Gap Freshers' Week

Handout for print & binding workshops held at Chelsea College of Arts, in collaboration with Daniel Fletcher.

Chelsea Workshops

Learning resources for graphic design students at Chelsea, made during time as a design technician at the college. These are two posters that can assist students with bookbinding, publishing and photography. They are situated in the Chelsea graphic design studios.

Chelsea Learning Resources

Self initiated 2017 calendar featuring 12 unique illustrations. Available to purchase online here.

Calendar 2017

These are jelly sculptures that show the wasted space in packaging. If you reduce the wasted space, you reduce the amount of lorries needed for shipping, and thus reduce CO2 emissions. This collaborative project featured in the UAL Green Week in March 2013. The project also won the Bilbao Design Award in the 'Design for Transportation' category, November 2013. For more information, please watch the short video clip here.

The Jelly Experiment

A series of photos looking at high and low culture using the language of food presentation.

'Bon Appateet'

A conceptual design piece distilling core elements of cults into a corporate branding package. The project aims to draw parallels between 'low' design often found on religious leaflets and cult design trends such as 'pretty ugly'.

The Cult Kit